The EU, Russian disinformation, and security: Evaluating Slovak foreign policy

Organized by the Slovak Foreign Policy Association (SFPA) and the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, on March 27th, 2023, the “21st Annual Review Conference on the Foreign and European Policy of the Slovak Republic” hosted a series of panels at the Congress Hall of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bratislava. The Conference’s firstContinua a leggere “The EU, Russian disinformation, and security: Evaluating Slovak foreign policy”

The ‘francophonie’ in Slovakia among diplomacy, literature, and culture

The French studies and the ‘francophonie’ at Comenius University celebrated their 100th anniversary on March 22nd, 2023, with a conference at the Faculty of Humanities in Bratislava. Diplomats, lecturers, translators, interpreters, researchers, and personalities linked to Franco-Slovak relations attended and discussed the impact of the ‘francophonie’ in the country’s diplomatic, literary, and cultural environments. PromotedContinua a leggere “The ‘francophonie’ in Slovakia among diplomacy, literature, and culture”

Slovak Interim PM Eduard Heger Quits OL’aNO Party

After weeks of speculations, Slovak interim PM Eduard Heger’s political future is set to be clearer now. On March 6th he announced he was quitting populist OĽaNO party and in a press conference yesterday he confirmed he is taking over Miroslav Kollár’s party “Blue Coalition” (former “Together Party”) which is being renamed the “Democrats”. “IContinua a leggere “Slovak Interim PM Eduard Heger Quits OL’aNO Party”

The media landscape, in memory of Ján Kuciak

The conference “Freedom of the Media” took place on February 22nd at the Pistori Palace in Bratislava on the occasion of “Jan and Martina Week”, which commemorated the murder of investigative journalist Ján Kuciak and his fiancée Martina Kušnírová in 2018. Organized by the online news website, the conference reflected on the anniversary andContinua a leggere “The media landscape, in memory of Ján Kuciak”

Media Freedom 2023 Conference: Defend independent journalism

Hosted at the National Council of Slovakia, and organized by the Slovak Ministry of Culture under the auspices of the Media Freedom Coalition, currently co-chaired by The Netherlands and Canada, the Media Freedom 2023 Conference took place on Monday, February 20th, in Bratislava and featured panelists from the European Centre for Press and Media FreedomContinua a leggere “Media Freedom 2023 Conference: Defend independent journalism”

The Dual State of Art at Utrecht Central Museum

From October 8th, 2022, to January 15th, 2023, Utrecht Central Museum is hosting the exhibition “Double Act – Masterpieces in Paint and Video”, which explores the dual state of art and the relationship between static and dynamic, old and new, video and canvas, music and pictures. The idea behind the exhibition is to compare theContinua a leggere “The Dual State of Art at Utrecht Central Museum”

New anti-drone technology from Rome to Kyiv

Giorgia Meloni’s government is going to send new weapons to Ukraine, included anti-drone technology, with the new decree of military aid. The decree will largely be in continuity with those of the previous executive. Surface-to-air missiles would be excluded for the moment, but it cannot be ruled out that these will be included in aContinua a leggere “New anti-drone technology from Rome to Kyiv”

Covid vaccine protects everyone: Constitutional Court

Italy’s Constitutional Court recently reaffirmed that compulsory vaccination for doctors, the over-50s, school staff, and nurses was legitimate. The Court ruled in Rome that the anti-Covid vaccination requirement was neither unreasonable nor disproportionate. In the Court’s words, the obligation was legitimately introduced to protect the health of all citizens. Thus, the Court dismissed the appealsContinua a leggere “Covid vaccine protects everyone: Constitutional Court”

Facing the Authoritarian Techno-Challenge

Authoritarian governments have been able to exploit new technologies to control people and extend their power, feed their influence, and promote their models. The aggressive spread of authoritarian digital activities is a major challenge to worldwide democracies. In turn, these are currently not offering convincing alternative paradigms for technological and global governance. They inadequately faceContinua a leggere “Facing the Authoritarian Techno-Challenge”

Orbán and the Current Political Situation in Hungary

The model of the so-called illiberal democracy has been given much attention in recent years and has found its main incarnation in Fidesz-led Hungary. Indeed, this right-wing administration is dubious regarding its permanence in the European Union and is inflaming the hearts of its citizens on issues related to immigration and media. The result ofContinua a leggere “Orbán and the Current Political Situation in Hungary”